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1. Where can i find the model or serial number of my equipment?

Almost all power equipment will have a permanently attached decal or inscription plate usually located on the frame of the machine. Some older equipment may be missing parts of this information as it could have been rubbed off or obstructed over time. Typically model numbers will be shorter than serial numbers and will be easily identifiable if searched online. Serial numbers are unique to each machine and therefore will not produce any relevant results if searched online. John Deere provides this documentation for locating and understanding model and serial numbers on their newer equipment.

For a complete list of John Deere models please see this link – John Deere Tractor Models, John Deere Mower Models

2. How do I know which part number i need?

Part numbers can vary for the same product based on the age and serial number of the machine in question. To identify which variation of a product will fit your application it is best to use a Parts Lookup Tool and search for your specific model by the serial number range. Serial numbers will typically be broken up into large ranges based on manufacture date. If the manufacturing process for your equipment changed and the supplier began using a different part, they will denote that by creating a serial number break. By finding the serial number range that your equipment fits into, you can verify that the parts you are purchasing will fit your machine.

3. What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket parts?

Bomberger’s Store is a certified OEM parts dealer meaning that we sell replacement parts from the original manufacturer or your power equipment. These are the same parts that would have been on your mower from the factory and are guaranteed to fit. Aftermarket parts have been reverse engineered or redesigned by a third party company typically in an attempt to mass produce replacement parts at a reduced price. These parts are typically cheaper than OEM parts but may not always fit as desired or have the same quality and lifespan as original parts. Bomberger’s believes in providing our customers with quality products and services and as such we strive to provide original factory replacement parts to the full extent possible. In some cases where an original OEM product has been discontinued we may substitute an aftermarket part that our professional service mechanics have verified will fit the intended application.

4. How fast will my parts arrive?

Shipping speed will vary depending on where you are located and whether we have the parts you order in stock or have to special order them. Most parts found in Our Store are in stock and can ship within 1 business day of your order. If you found your replacement parts in our Parts Lookup Tool your order may have additional processing time as we acquire those parts from our vendors. Shipping speeds are based on Fedex transit times from our location in southeastern Pennsylvania to your location and the shipping option you select at checkout.

5. Can I replace this part myself?

If you are unsure whether you will be able to replace a part yourself we recommend that you check with a small engine or agricultural mechanic before placing your order. Our sales staff attempts to update all of our in stock products with a description of the tools required to replace that product and the estimated skill level and time required. If this information is not available for the part you are ordering you may Contact Us and our professionals can provide you with this information. Bombergers eCommerce does not provide any installation services and is not responsible for any damages or other liability associated with installing the products that we sell – reference our Terms Of Use for further information.

To lookup the operator’s manual for your John Deere equipment follow this link – John Deere Manuals

6. Is this the best price that you can give me?

The majority of products that we sell have a set price which is determined by the manufacturer and cannot be changed by us. For example John Deere regulates the price of all of its products so that no matter which dealer you purchase from, the price will be the same. At times some dealers may offer incentives which can affect the price of certain items and if applicable these price changes will be advertised on our homepage or store. We may offer certain incentives to individuals based on special circumstances but this will be determined on an as-needed basis. Please Contact Us for more information.

We are always expanding our FAQ and if you are not finding the answers you are looking for, please Contact Us so that we can be of assistance to you and any future customers that may have the same questions.